What is culture?


When you think about culture, what do you think about? Many people have the image in their head of sipping a fine wine while looking at art and listening to classical music. And while there is no denying that this is a form of culture, there are many definitions that people can adhere to. To me culture is a frame of mind

What I mean by this is that there is so much around the world to absorb, and any way in which you do it makes you a more cultured person. In short, culture is an interest and willingness to explore the world around you and learn about other people and what makes them tick.

A frame of mind

Culture is art, wine, and music, but it is also getting out there and seeing the world. Anytime you are in a different country, or even a different state, you start to pick up a few things about the people of the area, many of which might be different than what you are used to.

The beauty of culture is that everybody has it, and those willing to learn about other culture will become better people as a result. In some ways, culture does not need to be fancy, but simply a way to expand your mind, tastes, and other areas of your life.


One does not have to travel far to experience culture, they simply have to have the willingness to learn about other people and how they live. Anybody can be cultured, all t takes is the right mindset.